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Rotax Max Tools

Senzo offer a range of tools for Rotax Max 125cc EVO and old style engines. The first, and the one that actually saves you money, is the slide and needle protector. Not having one of these to protect your engine during transport is simply madness; when the slide is hanging off the engine the needle at least is going to get bent. 3 needles is the same price of the protector! Secondly is the simple yet most effective tool. The Senzo Jet Driver. It makes life easier and stops you cross threading the jet. These are specifically designed for a Dellorto jet...

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TonyKart / OTK Castors

The Senzo castor kits for TonyKart / OTK karts including the Komsic, Alonso (FA) and Exprit. Not only does the kit give you the ability to add castor, it gives added advantage to remove front end chassis castor, thereby reducing front end corner entry grip! You'll be prepared for any condition with this kit from a lovely summers day to torrential rain. Available: DOT 1 This gives you the least possible amount of castor for the TonyKart / OTK chassis. The higher the number goes the MORE castor you gain. DOT 2 For more castor than the DOT 1 castor pill...

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