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Senzo TonyKart / OTK Blank & Dot 4 & Dot 5 Castor Box Set With Spanner

Senzo TonyKart / OTK Blank & Dot 4 & Dot 5 Castor Box Set With Spanner

Inc. VAT: £161.94

Not only does the kit give you the ability to add castor, it gives added advantage to remove front end chassis castor, thereby reducing front end corner entry grip!

This kit comes with everything you need except the DOT 1 and DOT 2 kits.


    • Blank Castors
      • The gives you half castor in between the standard zeo / full castor. Very good in both cold and warm conditions. For when you require more inside rear wheel life and more release from corner grip.
    • DOT 4
      • For more castor than the standard OTK full castor kit. Great In wet conditions where you may require more front mid corner grip.
    • DOT 5
      • For even more castor then the blank and DOT 4 castors. Great for really wet conditions where you require the most turn in and mid corner front end grip possible.
    • Castor/rear bumper wrench
      • Tool for adjusting both the Senzo castors on a TonyKart / OTK chassis and also to tighten the bush on a rear bumper bolt kit.
    • Magnetic covers
      • The most attractive magnetic castor covers on the market. Use these to cover the top castor adjuster from prying eyes, two are included as part of a set. The extra strong magnets ensure it doesn't come off during racing.

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